We were given the task of creating an advertisement for a play in the style of the RSC. During the production of our advertisement we face multiple set backs, we also received some feedback from the RSC regarding our advert.  We managed to produce our pre-production without any setbacks and I feel the pre-production enhanced the quality of our work. Although the pre-production went well I came to realize that my influence 300 didn’t really fit with our final idea, 300 was my influence because I liked the over saturation this didn’t fit in the end as our idea was modernized. During our production we had various set backs that affected our final edit in different ways. One of the first set backs we had during our filming was the lack of preparation for our first filming session, this resulted in our our first shoot becoming a test shoot due to our pie having the words “steak and kidney” on it, we didn’t want to use this footage as it would seem out of place and very amateur for the pie to say “steak and kidney”. Another set back we faced was a lot of our footage had a glare due to the low sun, this affected the quality of footage, due to this we had to film our footage again to make it of a good enough standard for the final edit. We also had setbacks during post production. One setback we had was that we lost some of our footage due to a malfunctioning sd card and us forgetting to transfer the footage on to a computer. This caused us to have to change our edits as we had used some of the missing footage in our first edits, in future we should make sure to back up all of our footage and transfer it to a computer.

During the screening of our adverts we received feedback from RSC employees and our lecturers. One piece of feedback we received from one our lecturers was that in one of our clips there was knife that had the “prima” logo on it, our lecturer said this was an error due to the the fact that in the play the knife would have been old and rusty not a brand new looking branded knife. We also had an error where there were plug sockets in the background of one of shots which shattered the suspense of belief that they were watching Titus Andronicus If we were to do this again we would need to consider the props we use in order to make them accurate to the play. We also received positive feedback such as one of the RSC employees saying that it was an accurate representation of “Titus Andronicus”. We also had the feedback that the advert was exactly what we said it was going to be and that we stuck completely to what we said in our pitch.

Our advert works well as an advert due to the techniques used. The advert doesn’t give too much about the play away and keeps the audience in suspense, I can see this because there is no specific dialogue and the content in the trailer leaves the story up to interpretation for someone who wouldn’t have seen the play before but at the same time if someone has seen the play before they will recognize it due to the content of my advert. Although the advert works well  I have missed some key elements of an advert such as information about the play, when is it being shown and where. Our advert could also be confusing to some people as it cuts between two different settings frequently and doesn’t have any specific narrative. We were told that we worked to the client brief effectively and hit all of the criteria set for us. I enjoyed working to the brief as it gave me a guide on what to do and what to include in my advert to make it to a high standard. The only constraint I had was having to cut out some footage from my first edit as I was over the 30 second time limit. Receiving a client brief at first seemed like a daunting task but I realized early on the it was there as almost an example to go by. I found pitching to the RSC helpful as we were able to receive feedback from our client about our initial idea and also get given advice on the techniques we could use and how we could improve upon our initial idea. I believe the process helped to make our advert more professional as we had multiple opinions on our work which only helped improve the standard. I feel that working for a client helped me realize how different it is working for a client and providing a service. I believe this has given me the skills that  I will need when working for clients in the future. In conclusion I feel my advert was effective both as an advert as a cinematic short film.