Client Requirements

We have been given the task of creating a 30 to 60 second advertisement for a play in the style of the RSC. This means that we need to have an advert that is conceptual and doesn’t give away the story of the play but just shows the themes of the play. We will have to produce our own individual edits.

Production Schedule

Pre Production 4th-22nd November

Test Shots 23rd-25th November

Filming 26th November-2nd December

Editing 2nd-7th December



The play that we have chosen to do is Titus Andronicus. We will have the trailer start out with two people, a man and a woman, sitting on a picnic blanket. In the middle of the blanket there is a basket. One of them pulls out a pie and then places it in the middle of the blanket. They then cut into the pie and start to eat it. The camera then will go to a close up of them eating it and then there will be flashes of violence on the screen to show what the pie actually is. This scene is in reference to the part of the play where Tamora eats a pie with people in it but with a more modern twist to it because we think that this is easier to pull off. We will then end the trailer with a quote from the play.

Colour Palette

We have chosen an image from ‘Into the Woods’ for our colour palette as it has both light and dark colours associated with forests. We chose this as we are planning to film our advert at a park and the advert is set at a picnic, we can use these colours to contrast between light colours when it is the normal picnic and dark colours during the flashes of murder.







This is one of influences due to the over saturation used as I like the effect that gives. I also like the contrast between light and dark that is used in different scenes. I plan to use this in my advert as I feel the over saturation gives the effect of it being humid which is what I want to show in my trailer as Titus Andronicus is set in Rome.



Titus is a 1999 film starring Anthony Hopkins and is directed by Julie Taymor. I am influenced by this film because of its disturbing and abstract visuals, which I plan to incorporate into our trailer, I am also personally influenced by this film because it is the first time I learnt of the story after watching it and it has influenced my choice in making a commercial for Titus Andronicus.

Shot List and Story Board


 Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 11.13.55.png