Understanding the Client Brief

A representative of the RSC named Chris delivered a lecture to us explaining the RSC advert style and what is expected of us when we are making our adverts. He also showed us examples of RSC adverts some that worked and some that didn’t. Chris’ main points were about the things we need to consider or do during the making of our adverts.

One of the points he made was about communication and how communication and research in to the play you are making an advert about is vital, he showed us a trailer for Robin Hood which had Robin Hood running around the woods with a bow and arrow, he showed us this example because in the Robin Hood play they were advertising the director had decided Robin Hood wouldn’t have a bow and arrow so the lack of communication and research caused the advert to not be appropriate for that production. He also mentioned how often the better adverts were the ones that focused on less well known scenes of a play instead of an obvious one or not focusing on scenes and focusing on themes instead, an example of this is if someone was to create an advert for Romeo and Juliet and they featured the balcony scene in their advert that would be a very obvious scene to have whereas if they featured the earlier opening scenes which aren’t as famous it could be much more effective and not as cliché. Chris showed us an example of an advert that used concepts and themes instead of actual scenes, the advert was for the play “The White Devil” this advert featured two characters rubbing a gold fluid on each other to represent wealth as well as a red fluid then appearing to represent death, it also used a camera technique of putting a sense too big for the camera on the camera which causes a shaky effect with almost erratic camera movements. “The White Devil” was effective and was a great example of using themes and concepts and the themes of wealth/greed, death and sex were all shown in this advert.  Another point he made was that earlier ideas can move in a different direction and become something completely different, an example of this was the advert for ‘Hecubus’ the original idea stemmed from a picture of a pile of children shoes they were shown which ended up as having a child play on the beach with part of the plays script narrating over it. One of Chris’s main points was how sound is hugely important in the trailers and how a good soundtrack can make a break an advert, he also said that the soundtrack is important as it creates the tone of the advert.

My initial thoughts on the client brief were that it gives a lot of creative freedom and an interesting subject to create adverts on. I also thought that there is a huge amount of things to think about during this project such as sound, visuals, lighting, camera and making sure we research thoroughly. I intend to approach this project with an open mindset ready to change my idea if needed and let my idea evolve organically. I also intend to put a lot of research and thought in to this project to make sure I get a conceptual and original idea instead of an obvious boring idea. I intend to do a lot of research in to music for this project as I have learnt that music is hugely important in an advert. In conclusion I plan to consider everything Chris mentioned during the lecture and make sure my advert meets all of the criteria.