Research Proposal

We use research to gain information on our target market and audience, like how we are going to appeal to our target audience and if our music video will fit in to our target market. We also do production research to find information such as how much will it cost.

Market research is researching the target market of your product, to see if there is a place for your product and if the product will sell. We use this gain information such as will our music video be similar to other music videos in our genre and therefore fit into the genre market. There are many market research methods used such as focus groups and surveys. A focus groups primary use is to get opinions on certain aspects of your product and so you can change things accordingly to their opinions. In focus groups, someone uses a scripted series of questions or topics to lead a discussion among a group of people. A focus group can last for any amount of time. Surveys are used to get a general opinion on subject matters using straightforward questions to get a general idea of the public’s opinion. The main purpose of market research is to get an opinion of the public.

Audience research is used to gain information on target audience preferences. The research methods used are similar to market research such as focus groups and surveys. One research method for audience research is interviews; an interview involves a person being asked questions about a subject like a television show and being asked what they like about it, what they don’t like or what could be changed. An interview is used to get the opinion of specific person from the target audience, often multiple interviews will be carried out and results will be put in the graphs or charts and then analyzed to gain research outcomes. An example of this would be if I was to do an interview about talent shows asking questions such as “how often do you watch talent shows?” or “when do you think talent shows should be aired?” The main purpose of audience research is to get the opinion on your specific target audience for your product.

Production research is research to help give information on product characteristics. Production research is essential when planning to develop a new game or film idea. Production research helps to provide content, research commercial viability and plan the postproduction process. To perform production research the developer or producer will employ trained researchers to gather the suitable information for the area they are looking for e.g. financial or locations. Production research also includes advertising and where it might be placed to gain the best possible reaction from the audience. It will help to gain information on income and outgoing costs. They will research the history of their product market to see the most successful products in their product market from the past.


Primary research is defined as factual, firsthand accounts of the study written by a person who was part of the study. The methods vary on how researchers run an experiment or study, but it typically follows the scientific method. One way you can think of primary research is that it is typically original research.

Secondary research is defined as an analysis and interpretation of primary research. The method of writing secondary research is to collect primary research that is relevant to a writing topic and interpret what the primary research found. For instance, secondary research often takes the form of the results from two or more primary research articles and explains what the two separate findings are telling us. Or, the author may have a specific topic to write about and will find many pieces of primary research and use them as information in their next article or textbook chapter.

There are two general types of data. Quantitative data is information about quantities; that is, information that can be measured and written down with numbers. Some examples of quantitative data are your height, your shoe size, and the length of your fingernails.


Qualitative data is information about qualities; information that can’t actually be measured. Some examples of qualitative data are the softness of your skin, the grace with which you run, and the colour of your eyes.


My Survey Results

These results showed me that I should go straight in to the song without having an intro, this could be because people like videos to go straight in to the action and that they find that more interesting. The results also showed me that a music video should be between 3-4 minutes instead of being any shorter or longer. I also found out that people prefer a narrative video this could be because people find a narrative more interesting and they don’t get bored when it is a narrative.

Chloe’s Staff Questions


  • Initial impressions of our idea?
  • Do you think it’s achievable?
  • What problems do you think we will face?


  •  Initial impressions of our idea?
  • Do you think the dancers will face any problems in performing in this way?
  • Is there anything you think we could do to make it better?


Lee’s Answers

  • Make sure the dance fits to the music
  • Could be a big reveal in the end (e.g. she is actually a criminal, not just illegally performing)
  • Consider weather
  • Why does the location change so dramatically?
  • Make sure to have something throughout it so it won’t get boring too quick (so not just the chase)
  • Clues throughout the performance
  • Easily achievable
  • Make sure we know the music well
  • Only need to ask permission from RSC if it’s clearly the building or shows the logo

Claire’s Answers

  • Have to create travelling sequences
  • Must be completely secure on locations so that the dancers know exactly what they have to work around whilst choreographing
  • Don’t have all travelling choreography
  • Make sure locations are safe for them to dance in

From this research I have learned that for both Lee and Claire the main feature we need to focus on is the location. I understand that location is the most important factor for our music video and it will be what will make it a good or bad video and will have a factor on how realistic it looks. It seems that they both like all of our ideas and that all we need to do is  continue to expand on them to create something more pleasing and interest so that the viewer doesn’t get bored because our idea could become very repetitive if done wrong. I liked the questions that Chloe asked and thought they were very relevant and will help our whole music video.

James’ Focus Video

From this research I have learned that the people in the focus group think that it should be a performance based music video to suit the track, we have implemented this in our video as we have a mixture between performance and conceptual based music video. They also said we should use bright colours as that would suit the track. It was also said our video should be fast paced and possibly with flashing lights.I thought James’ research method was very good as we got multiple answers although in the end the majority of the answers were the same.