We started the pre production for our TV show on the 11/4/16 and finished it on the 15/5/16.

I finished the equipment list and the location rec. on the 3/5/16 and finished my influences 4/5/16.

I finished my multi camera essay on the 12/3/16 and finished it on the 29/4/16.

We pre recorded our final show on the 22/5/16 and it was aired on the 24/5/16.

Culture Shock-VT

Aggravating Dating-Vision Mixer

Wired Up!-Graphics
Our show went mostly well with the audience enjoying our choice of host, they thought our vt’s were entertaining and well edited, most things made sense and it was interesting throughout. The negatives were that the news segment didn’t fit and Declan was wearing different clothes in the vt. Overall I was happy with our show.