How did the audience respond to our Animation?

The audience felt our volcano scene was colourful, fun and energetic. They also felt the vines emerging from and re-entering the volcano made sense and added to the narrative but they thought whole drawing being reversed did not make sense and was just done to pass more time and did not add to the narrative, the same was said about repeating the volcano scene later on. The audience felt the gold glitter was a good idea and was very strong visually but they were not sure about the animation and said it still looked like a piece of paper being moved and wasn’t very realistic, they also felt the Earth moving wasn’t smooth enough and was very jumpy. The audience felt the other scene was better but still jumpy although the two Earths leaving the shot was very smooth. The audience also felt that some scenes didn’t link.

I agree with all of the comments made and I believe they are fair and correct comments.

I agree with the positive comments which reflect what we wanted to achieve which was a fun and colourful animation that added to a narrative that we were trying to make.

I also agree with the negative comments and I think we could have repeated scenes less as we did this in an attempt to make it seem like there was more animation as we didn’t have a massive amount of animation. I also feel to improve the world spinning scene we could have taken more frames to make it less jumpy and more smooth and fluid.

We initially tried to achieve a simple narrative that accompanied the live action videos that we used for the installation well and added to to the overall experience, I believe we achieved this. The technique we used was cut-out animation as we thought this would help us achieve our targets easily and we thought it suited the theme of musicals well, we were right in some ways as it did make the animation itself easier and simpler but it was also easy to make an error as we did with one of our scenes being very jumpy.

The process of working with a client hindered our animation considerably as we were slightly restricted with our initial ideas due to the track given which was full of musicals. We were also hindered as we had less time to animate due to having to wait for our track and lack of communication from our client.

If I was to do another animated project I would make sure I tested my animation technique beforehand  as well as thoroughly brainstorming and coming up with multiple ideas, I would also make sure I had as much time as I could have to complete the project as it is a very lengthy process.

One of our strengths during this project were that we managed to get our pre-production very quickly which gave us more time to do our animation. Another strength of ours was that we had many ideas for our animation.

One of our weaknesses was that we took a long time to do our animation and it could have been done a lot quicker. Another weakness we had was that not all of our group members turned up regularly with only 2 out of 4 turning up every day.

In conclusion I think our animation went fairly well but could have gone better.