Task 1- Video Installation

Video installation is the art of projecting a video on to an object or building. I am going to analyse two video installations.

Illuminating York 2014 St Helens Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3GX_fsRdmA

The first video installation is St Helens Church from Illuminating York 2014. I believe the artist used the space well as he used the whole of the front of the church to create the illusion of a rocket ship taking off, this is in an effort to make an old boring building something bright, vibrant and interesting while not leaving any part of the building out. This is done to get a reaction from the audience which as we can see by the video it does as it gets cheers. The artist’s projected film works well within its environment as he managed to make the rocket ship illusion look realistic but still abstract due to all the colours used, this was done by making sure the installation fit perfectly to the building and by having the instillation move around on the building as wee see in the video to make it seem like we are really watching a spacecraft in space . The artists’ creative ambition was to create a realistic but still abstract video installation of a rocket taking off; his aim was also to give a representation of science vs religion by projecting something science based on a church. The artists ambition was to also light up an old building in York and make it something vibrant and exciting while also entertaining and getting a reaction from the audience. The installation is live action, we know this by the fact it is a rocket taking off and the fact we can see space and satellites, although this is live action the colours have been changed when projected which makes it abstract. One of the techniques used was colour editing and changing to create an abstract experience and to make it more interesting and exciting, which works as we can see by the audiences reactions. There is an abstract and weird but interesting experience for the audience this is because space and rockets are real but due to the editing and the colours there are presented as very abstract which creates a different and interesting experience for the audience. This is different to watching on a cinema screen as it is projected on a church and it fits perfectly which makes it a different experience and a different meaning such as Science against religion shown by space on a church. The audience reacted well to the work and seem interested and amazed as you can tell by the reactions of “ooh’s” and “cheers”.

Royal Shakespeare Company

The artist has used the space to make a background for the play that is abstract while still believable, he has done this with computer animation made to look like chalk animation, this gives a different effect as chalk animation looks less realistic and more cartoon like, this is used to suspend belief while maintaining the unrealistic nature of a play. The instillation is working within its environment as it gives a background to the set and doesn’t leave a blank space which could affect the whole feeling of the play. The artist’s ambitions are to make an animated background that has a chalk effect and is abstract but not massively noticeable and doesn’t take the audience away from the play but just adds to the play by enhancing the set and making the whole feeling of the play more realistic by suspending the belief of the audience. The technique used was computer animation in the style of chalk animation. The experience produced for the audience is that they feel they are watching something real; while also being unrealistic and suspending belief. The stars in the instillation are just lines and not drawn like real stars which retains the unrealistic nature of a play while still suspending belief. If you were to watch the play at home or on a video it wouldn’t give the same feel as the animation won’t be as good quality so it won’t suspend your belief as much because it is a video, it also wouldn’t be the same as the play wouldn’t be there to go with the animation as the animation is not the main part of the play and is only there to enhance the play.